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Advantages of Modulating Variable Speed Furnaces

Modulating variable speed furnaces are becoming increasingly popular in Minnesota and there’s a good reason why. Investing in this “new” technology can provide many advantages including increased comfort and efficiency, less noise, and tons of savings on your energy bills. A single-stage furnace has two options – off and on. So when your temperatures are […]

Importance of Furnace Maintenance

The harsh winter is slowly creeping up on us and there’s only one thing getting in the way of your ultimate comfort – your unmaintained furnace. We rely heavily on this appliance to keep us warm throughout the harsh Minnesota winters, so why not show your furnace some TLC with maintenance service? Improving Efficiency Your […]

Make Sure Your Furnace is Ready for Winter

You and your family’s comfort needs to be prioritized when the harsh winter temperatures start slowly creeping in. One of the most important preparations you can make for your home this winter is to ensure that your system is ready to take on that task. Furnace Check The furnace should be considered one of the […]

Common Air Conditioner Problems and Solutions

The middle of summer is the worst time to have your air conditioner act up. Even if your system is regularly maintained, there is still a slight chance you may be a victim of these common air conditioner problems. Read on to find out if you’re in one of these situations and how to resolve […]

How Midseason Cleaning Benefits You

Although your heating and air conditioning system may not be in full use during mid-season, it makes for a perfect time to maintain your HVAC equipment to ensure you’ll be set all year round. The worst thing you can do is neglect your system when it’s not in use just for it to be dysfunctional […]

Learn what SEER, EER, and AFUE is!

Understanding AC Unit Efficiency Ratings and Terms Looking to invest in a new HVAC system but just don’t know where to start? SEER, EER and AFUE are terms you’re going to be hearing and seeing often so learning about what it is will bring you a step closer to making a veery important decision. SEER […]

Why Proper Install MATTERS!

When investing in a new heater, the average homeowner focuses on factors such as SEER ratings to equate the efficiency of their new equipment. Although these factors are important, an equally or maybe even more important factor is the quality of the installation! Most homeowners may want to skimp out on the installation, thinking that […]

When to Repair or Replace

Every time is a crucial time to have your system up and working properly. If your central heating unit isn’t doing its job, you are just faced with one question – is it time to repair my system or replace it? Titan’s Heating and Air makes it easy to determine your next steps! How old […]

Most Common HVAC Noises and What They Mean

If your system is making a quiet humming sound, don’t fret! Those quiet and soothing sounds can typically mean that your system is operating just as it should. In contrast, your system may be under a lot of distress if you’re hearing strange or disruptive noises. Curious to what it could mean? Titan is here […]

HVAC Maintenance Saves You Time and Money

Many are aware of obtaining an air and heating system, but turn a blind eye when it comes to the maintenance of it. Just like changing oil or replacing the tires of a car, your system needs love and attention too. Titan is a proud advocate of maintenancing your systems before they turn into larger […]