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When to Repair or Replace

Every time is a crucial time to have your system up and working properly. If your central heating unit isn’t doing its job, you are just faced with one question – is it time to repair my system or replace it? Titan’s Heating and Air makes it easy to determine your next steps! How old […]

Most Common HVAC Noises and What They Mean

If your system is making a quiet humming sound, don’t fret! Those quiet and soothing sounds can typically mean that your system is operating just as it should. In contrast, your system may be under a lot of distress if you’re hearing strange or disruptive noises. Curious to what it could mean? Titan is here […]

HVAC Maintenance Saves You Time and Money

Many are aware of obtaining an air and heating system, but turn a blind eye when it comes to the maintenance of it. Just like changing oil or replacing the tires of a car, your system needs love and attention too. Titan is a proud advocate of maintenancing your systems before they turn into larger […]

Winter Saving Tips

The cold weather can be brutal – we could all use a few tips and tricks to save this winter while keeping warm. Titan is prepared to provide you with the top winter saving hacks! With just a few simple steps, you can be on your way to ultimate savings on your heating and cooling. […]